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3d2f.com Editor's Review: Ultimate training solution for TOELF takers

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOELF) is the world’s most popular test used globally by universities, businesses and government agencies for determining the ability of the test-taker to use and understand Standard American English. Since 2005, the conventional computer- and paper-based tests have been replaced by iBT — the Interned-based version of TOELF. If you are preparing for the online test and can only find scattered information on what you should expect, waste no time and try TOEFL iTB — a realistic simulator of the real TOEFL test!

   TOEFL iBT is a digital tutor that will help you get ready for what may become a turning point of your academic career. Consisting of three sections, it allows you to test yourself in the most complex areas of the test — Listening, Speaking and Writing. The software features a highly intuitive interface and takes virtually no time to get used to. You can also purchase TOELF iBT as separate Listening, Speaking or Writing modules, although the full package offers a nice discount and gives you more opportunities to check your English-language potential in different areas.

   No matter if you are preparing to take TOELF soon or just want to be sure that you know the language well enough to be on a competitive level, TOEFL iBT gives you the chance to do both for one low price. Try it today to find out how well you can do in real test settings and which areas you need to focus on to successfully pass TOEFL!

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