How to report a spam post?

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Open a post, at the bottom line, you can see Edit, Quote, Report, Rate, Reply etc. Click Report to enter into the report page.

How to Print, Share, Subscribe a post?

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When you are browsing a post, you can see Print, Share, Subscribe, Favor etc. Click any option to finish your action.

How to add a new friend?

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* Hover mouse on a avatar, select Add Buddy in the popped menu.
* Or, you can add a buddy at User Center->Buddy.

How to use RSS subscription?

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On Home page, you can find a small RSS icon at the upper right corner. Click the icon, a RSS address will appear. You can subscription it by this address.

How to clear Cookies?

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Cookies are preserved by the browser in the Operation System.

For following different browsers:

* Internet Explorer: Tool -> Internet option. Select relative buttons to delete Cookies.
* FireFox: Tool -> Option -> Privacy -> Cookies. Select relative buttons to delete Cookies.
* Opera: Tool -> First choice item -> High-level -> Cookies -> Manages Cookies. Select relative buttons to delete Cookies.

How to contact Administrator?

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You can click the button Contact Us to contact us directly. You can aslo send a Private Message to us.

How to open my personal space?

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After login, you can find the entry for personal space on Home page.

How to export my topics to my personal space?

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If you have the permission to open My Personal Space, you can click Add to my space when post a thread. Your posts will appear in your space.